Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disco Volante - Oh, MJ!

MP3: Disco Volante - Oh, MJ! (Right-Click-Save-As)

The Little Ones are a great little band. With a charmingly naive sound just North of twee, this Los Angeles indie pop-quintet are a whole lot of fun, both on their 2006 EP Sing Song, and their 2008 full length debut Morning Tide. Their sound is a little bit Zombies, a little bit Cibo Matto, a little bit Yo-Gaba-Gaba-Hey, but never, in my opinion, too cute for its own good.

I'm not sure if "Oh MJ!" is about Michael Jackson (I sorta think so for some reason,) but it sure is infectious. This particular version of the song comes from the excellent Daytrotter Studio Sessions, who record many of your favorite pop bands to tremendous effect. Check 'em out!

1. The Little Ones - Oh, MJ! (Daytrotter Sessions) (5:17)2. +/- - Bow To The Middle (The Rosebuds) (2:47)3. Little Dragon - Never Never (3:37)4. White Hinterland - Moon Jam (4:19)5. DOOM - Absolutely (2:43)6. Shafiq Husayn - Dust & Kisses Ft. Noni Limar (4:10)7. The Bird And The Bee - One On One (3:40)8. Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Sunshower ['Check The Rhime'] (4:08)9. Brazilian Girls - Corner Store (4:13)10. Dorothy Ashby - By The Time I Get To Phoenix (3:31)11. Beauty Pill - Goodnight For Real (4:49)12. The Smiths - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (3:14)13. Grandaddy - Where I'm Anymore (6:05)14. Microdisney - Hello Rascals (2:46)15. Maureen Owen - When You're Down and Under (1:03)

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